The view of towering dark cliffs is awe-inspiring. Nestled in the peaks and caves of the 11th century, the monasteries. With ropes, nets or bare hands, the monks established a centuries-old tradition: climbing. Today climbers from all over the world come to Meteora, to compete with the gigantic rocks. UNESCO has characterized Meteora as a “preservable and protected Monument of mankind”. The Greek state as a “place of sanctuary, unchanged and inviolable”. Add your own designation to the “guestbook” of Meteora, which reaches 2 million each year.


A mountainous paradise surrounded by mountains, with dense forests, lush meadows and running waters. Pertouli, built at an altitude of 1,100 m. On the slopes of Koziaka, with the picturesque stone houses, the ski center and the good tourist infrastructure is one of the most popular mountain resorts in Greece. At the university Fir Forest, in Pertouli Meadows, roe and deer can pass by your side at the time of the picnic, in the recreational areas with the rivers and The bridges. The camping site of Agia Kyriaki in Pertouli, which offers the opportunity for visitors to camp near the forest, make the village an ideal destination for Nature lovers, while Kokkinosstefano, a Byzantine fortress near Giona, as well as the stone Bridge of Grias with the elaborate carvings located in the canyon of Manas for Those who have good relations with mountaineering are some of the attractions of the area. Old mansions, which have been formed in atmospheric guesthouses or hotels, offer good solutions for a high standard of accommodation. Nearby Elati and the surrounding area are ideal for excursions.


Elati (Tirna for the locals), the largest of the mountainous villages of N. Trikala and the most developed tourist, is an ideal destination for both winter sports enthusiasts and for those who seek rest and relaxation. Only 34 km West of Trikala, perched at 950 m. On the steep slopes of Koziaka and built amphitheatrically, it is surrounded by unique fir-tree clusters, offering you charming escape opportunities from everyday life with Dozens of routes through the forests of the area!

Explore unparalleled beauty trails in nature with quad or horse tour. The scents from the traditional tavernas of the area will leave you with indelible memories and will urge you to come again and again to this wonderful winter destination. The FIR that offers plenty of snow in winter and a cool and healthy climate in summer, has nothing to envy from the most famous Alpine destinations!


Eighteen kilometres southwest of Trikala a natural gate is formed between the mountains Koziakas and Itamos, uniting the vast thessalic plain and the mountain range of Pindos. The small river Portaikos flows between the rocky sides of the narrow canyon watering the surrounding lowlands with the water that transports from the melting of the snow of the surrounding mountains. Here is the gate, a small picturesque town of 2,500 inhabitants, built at the foot of the two mountains around the banks of the river. Its name is owed exclusively in its place. The city is the seat of the enlarged municipality of Pyli, including dozens of neighboring villages. It has become known because it is a passage to the mountainous tourist resorts of Pindos or the base for excursions to nearby villages and attractions, including the lake Plastira, offering a satisfactory number of hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, cafes and bars. The main occupations of its inhabitants are agriculture, livestock and tourism.

Plastira Lake

A small miracle of man and nature will be facing in Thessaly. The impressive dam in the place Kakakia “gave birth” the lake Plastira, which frame it in an impressive way the fir-vaulted peaks of Agrafa. Bike holidays in the lake or around it, kayaking, mountain sports, horseback riding and 4X4. Genuine local flavors and local wines, lovely stone guesthouses overlooking the lake, old monasteries, villages with history. That’s right: Lake Plastira is not a winter destination. Every season of the year, everyone has… Their reasons for making a holiday in Plastiras Lake.

Μέγεθος Γραμματοσειράς
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