The Mill of the Elves

It was December 9, 2011 when Santa transformed the Matsopoulos mill in Trikala, the largest Christmas theme park in Greece, the “Mill of the Elves”. The old Fougara took the front and since then they work endlessly, with the sole purpose of offering joy to children and adults. Like every year, this year, something new happens in the mill of elves… A new story that will travel young and old in a world of fairytale and magic!

Santa Claus, having, of course, with his precious assistants, the elves and the magical reindeer began his journey to catch up to Christmas to visit The children of the world and end up in his beloved Elf mill.

Like every year, this year, something new happens in the mill of elves. The Nutcracker, the most famous Christmas tale of all time, comes alive in the mill of elves. Christmas Eve. In a few hours, the clock will hit midnight, an hour of magic, where dreams come true. The iconic Christmas tale of the HMP Hoffman, who inspired Tchaikovsky, with his legendary music, becoming a station in the history of classical dance, and who continues to inspire even today, comes to life in Most impressive Christmas park in Greece, at the mill of Elves. Follow the magic story of the wooden Nutcracker and the little Clara in the 4 fairytale kingdoms, and meet the fairy of sweets, the Queen of flowers, Ballerina of toys and Santa Claus in the Ice kingdom.